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Norsk Botanisk Forening

A few things we’re great at

In The NBA we love to talk about and explore the fantastic diversity in nature. We also work intensively with monitoring and protect all wild plants. Information gathered on our hikes provides important knowledge for managing authorities. But often we take matters in our own hands, and go out to weed ourselves. 

Below you´ll find an overview over all our main projects. All links lead to texts in Norwegian. Please contact us at post@botaniskforening.no if you need more information in English. 


Every year, we arrange several hundre hikes, where you can learn about flowers, mosses and lichen in a comfortable pace. Find your nearest trip in our actitivity calendar.

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Wild flowers

Getting to know the plants around us is almost like entering a new world. We often publish interesting texts (in Norwegian) about our wild flowers on our home page. 

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Young botanists

Young people know less species names now than before, we are doing something about this.  Our popular project «Young botanists» is run by  youth, for  youth. 

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Flower meadows

Several of the most endangered plants in Norway, grow in flower meadows. The NBA works to spread knowledge about how to care for and make such meadows. Via the button below you´ll find more information about what to do. 

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Day of the Wilflowers

Every year in June, the Nordic botanical associations together arrange “The day of the wildflowers”. Thanks to eager and skilful members in our regional associations, the NBA usually host more than 50 flower excursions on this day, spreading flower power throughout Norway.

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Four times a year, we publish a botanical journal called Blyttia, which members can choose to subscribe to. This traditional magazine is an important platform for all who wish to read and share plant related research, discoveries or stories. 

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Flora coatching

To gather knowledge about the distribution of species at distinct localities over time, we are working on developing and expanding the concept of plant adoption, “Floravokting”. Through this project, volunteers are recruited to visit certain occurrences of a species (their “adopted” plants) with regular, yearly intervals, and registering the condition of the individual plant or plant population. This is of particular interest with regards to the ongoing climate crisis.

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Flora mapping

Every year, the location of around 200 000 plants are registered into the Norwegian national database for species, Artsobservasjoner.no. Members of the Norwegian Botanical Association are responsible for most of these observations. Through such extensive mapping, a huge amount of information on the Norwegian vegetation is made available for research and managing authorities. The regional associations all host several mapping excursions throughout the year, and YOU are welcome to join.

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Invasive species

1532 alien species are registered in Norway. Of these, one moss, seven algae and 129 vascular plants are considered to have severe negativ impact where they grow.  

We work with this issue in the following ways:
1. Flora mapping. 
2. Removal. Our most prominent project is an annual, national event were we remove alian tree species. 
3. Validation of digital registrations: Registraitions of alien species must be checked by qualified people, we are these people. 
4. Information: We do our best to inform the public about the problems through hikes, courses, stands, presentations and seminars.

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